Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, whether we want to admit it or not. Ironically, two of my posts for We Eat Films are about guilty pleasures.

The first one lists my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure films. Read them here, and please don’t judge me!

Another one is a guilty pleasure show I picked up on, “Remedy”. Can it survive a second season? Find out here

Feel free to tell me your guilty pleasure films and tv shows, I want to know! I’m nosey 😛

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Sweets-Text as Image 1

Sweets-Text as Image 1

A bowl of assorted candy

Here is my first attempt (key word-attempt) at a text as image design. There will be more along the way. I began with this image from Natalie Shuttleworth, aka snapclicktripod. Click here for more of her photography.

The words "sweets" in a white outline, filled with assorted candy ranging from all colours to orange and pink

Played around with Photoshop for a bit and there you have it! Not bad for my first try at all, I must say.

Stay tuned for more designs!

Future web design project

Web design is a good skill to have, because it really helps with today’s world of business. People demand convenience, also known as finding as much information as possible without leaving their beloved chair. If you have web maintenance and/or design skills, people will want you to work for them. It’s really convenient when you already have a client before you start a new project. For my upcoming website project, I’m making a website for my dad’s dental clinic.

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Aesthetic likes and dislikes

A stack of book jackets

Image via Sapphire Blue

The first thing I’ll look for when I decide I want to buy a book? An eye-catching book jacket, and it should be. The book cover is the first impression of a future customer, and helps determine if he or she will purchase it. The same principle applies to websites. Of course, I want to read a book that has a fantastic storyline, and visit a website with useful and updated information. Before I jump right ahead into designing, I should discuss my aesthetic likes and dislikes. Here are my top 5 of each.

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Hello Everyone

Thank you again for checking out my blog! I’m a writer, first and foremost, but I enjoy designing as well. You know the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, I’m one of the guilty people who does. It’s the same with web design. If your blog or website isn’t properly designed, then you lose credibility.

This blog will be about web design, and my journey to become a better designer. Hope you enjoy!